We teach yoga to all children.  Our yoga classes, which are taught in a fun, child-friendly way, can help to build attention span, self-regulation, body positivity, confidence, strength, flexibility, balance, resilience, and social-emotional awareness.   

We believe that yoga tools help children with many of the problems that face our communities: anxiety, depression, poor fitness, and behavioural challenges. We seek to democratize yoga by bringing it to all children including those who struggle with  learning disabilities, social-emotional issues and/or financial hardship.
— The Yoga Buggy


Our classes can be catered for a variety of ages and needs!

We love to teach yoga in schools, neighbourhood houses, parks and other community spaces.

Our teachers have many years of experience working with kids. They are fun and engaging and have so many skills and talents. Some are Behaviour Interventionists, others work with adults and have specialties in Yin and Adaptive yoga, and they can also teach classes in French, Chinese, Spanish and more!


Do you know we offer birthday parties?

We can create a yoga class that matches the theme of your party. We can bring yoga to any venues or you can book a Yoga Buggy Birthday party at Hillcrest Community centre.