Wait...Is Yoga...Religion?

When it comes to Kids' Yoga, a question parents and school administrators have is whether Yoga is religion.  Since many of these exercises were originally inspired by the wisdom traditions of India and Asia, one might wonder if kids take part in chanting or rituals that conflict with family beliefs or school policies.

At Yoga Buggy we have a deep respect for all religions and cultures, family traditions, and personal values.  We often weave folktales or wisdom teachings from various world cultures into our classes to widen our perspectives and celebrate diversity.  Having said that, our approach to teaching Yoga is secular and does not involve teaching any religious rituals or beliefs.

The Yoga Buggy teaches postures, breathing and meditation exercises, as well as games and songs, as forms of exercise, play and learning.

We look for creative ways to help all children feel more at home in their body and in the world, to relate well to their emotions, and to have fun.   

At Yoga Buggy we welcome and include all children.  Contact us to bring some Yoga to your kids!