Kids Love to Get Smooshed!

I liked getting sat on when I was a kid.  True story! The pressure felt safe and...relieving somehow. Although my son hasn't asked to be sat on, he does like hugging contests, which can get pretty smooshy too.

Almost invariably at the end of kids' yoga, children want me to roll them up in their mat.  "Roll me up like sushi!" they cry.

Of course, smooshing isn't new.  Since time immemorial people have been swaddling their babies to emulate the warmth and comfort of the womb.  Those of us that work with kids are probably familiar with deep pressure therapy used to calm the nervous system. Check out this post to learn more!

So, the next time your child is being a little wild, offer them a hugging contest or a yoga mat swaddle.  Perhaps they just need a good smoosh!

The Pearl

The Yoga Buggy kids have been so excited to make up new poses lately.  When I say excited, I mean, nearly jumping out of their skin to demo a new version of Flamingo, Elephant, or Rat pose.  It’s a special yoga teacher challenge to keep the class a balance of calm and engaged. And yet it’s delightful when the kids are bursting with creativity!  

The other day our class had an ocean theme.  When we got to Oyster pose, I showed my version.  Blanca had a standing version to show off. Oliver topped that by folding over to create the top half of the oyster shell.  There’s a pearl in there! He declared.

A Pearl?  Cool! That sparked a thought.  

I love that idea, I said.  Imagine we all have a ‘Pearl’ inside us. The Pearl is the best thing that we can offer to the world.   Some of us have the Pearl of Funniness, or Kindness, or Awesomeness at Soccer. What’s your Pearl?

Awesomeness at Riddles, said Everett. And Kindness.

Ninja Stealth, whispered Raleigh, her eyes darting around the room.  Everyone laughed.

Making up new dances with Camryn, said Isabella, grabbing onto her friend’s hand.  

One by one the kids effortlessly shared their inner ‘Pearl.’   This was a win for me. Sometimes I feel shy to name my strengths and I’m a grownup!  Imagine how much harder it is for kids, who can be very shy indeed. It feels good to find a way to help them reflect upon and verbalize their great qualities.  
Take a moment friends.  Ask your kids, ask your friends, let us know.  What’s your “Pearl?