Yoga for Children with Autism

Inspired by a couple of my own students, I’ve decided to set some time aside to explore the benefits of yoga for children with autism. The “6 Benefits of Yoga for Children with Autism” post on the Autism Parenting Magazine website has been one of my favourite reads so far!

I’m looking forward to learning more about working with this group, and finding ways to make my classes even more relaxing and enjoyable for them!

It Might be your New Favourite Thing

That looks yucky Mummy, says Z., scrutinizing the unfamiliar noodle dish before him.  

Queue the teacherly speech.  Flex that ‘trying’ muscle!  I say for the five thousandth time in his young life.  You won’t know until you try- it might be your new favourite thing.  

It’s good to remember how scared I was before I taught my first yoga class.  Even now I have to marshal some courage before I walk into a new class. But when I first started...I was sweating with anxiety.

It was like Z’s noodles in two ways:  1. He was hungry!/I wanted to teach! 2.  I had to TRY to find out if it was good/So did he.  

To quote the kids’ book Going on a Bear Hunt:   

“You can’t go OVER it.  

You can’t go UNDER it.  

You have to go THROUGH it.”

It can be hard to go through it/try it/do it if it’s new and unfamiliar.  But if you might be your new favourite thing!

Kids experience that feeling of anxiety often because so much is new and scary for them.  But also, it’s the new scary stuff that can benefit kids the most. Indeed, it can benefit all of us the most.  

Mmmmm, says Z., as he tries the noodles.  Not bad.  Feel my ‘trying’ muscle.  It’s getting so strong!